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Disney College Program Roommate

I’m trying to find a roommate for the Disney College Program Spring 14, arrive Jan 8, but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. So if anyone out there needs a roomie I’m non-wellness and will live anywhere but vista way. :-)

Roommate Survey Below

Name: Shirby Ferguson
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Birthday/Age: March 23…I’ll be 22 in the spring!
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH - Moving to Titusville, Fl in June.
School: Northern Kentucky University - Transferring to University of Central Florida!!!!
Major: Event Management
Year in School: Junior
Religion: More of a spiritual person. My religion is LOVE.
Are you allergic to anything?: Not that I know of.
Do you work? Where? College of Business Deans Office & African American Programs & Services at NKU.
Do you have any siblings?: 2 brothers
Do you have any pets?: 2 Dogs
Who do you live with?: Parents
Program Location?: WDW
What is your role?: Hospitality
Accepted for: Spring 2014
Arrival Date: January 8th
Do you want to live in Wellness (no alcohol-under 21 MUST) or Non-Wellness (alcohol allowed-must be over 21)?: Non-Wellness
How many people do you want to live with? Due to past experiences I prefer only 1 roommate but I’m open to more if it came down to it.
Which housing complex would you like to live in? Patterson or The Commons, I’m willing to consider Chatham….
Do you party? Not really a partier. Like to have a few drinks, listen to live music, or just chill at home.
Do you like to cook? Yes!!!
Are you a night person or morning person? I think I’m a little of both. If i have to be up early I will definitely be in bed by 10 p.m.
Do you snore? I don’t think so. Only if I’m super tired I might snore a little…
What does your bedroom normally look like? Pretty organized but not to perfection.
Do you like it when your room is hot or cold? Depends on the time of year and temperature outside. I nice comfortable medium i guess.
Would you rather go out or stay in? I can do both. When I go out I prefer to be with mature people who can handle their liqour and control their hormones.
What do you like to do on your days off/the weekend? Visit the parks (I’ve only ever been to Magic Kingdom), Visit local family and friends, go to the beach, shop, get lost drivning around the city and surronding areas ( I’ll be moving to Florida in June so I defintely need to know whats nearby where we’ll be moving), visit museums and historical sites, and anything fun and adventurous!
Do you work out a lot? I think I get plenty of everyday excercise in with walking and such. I think I’m going to try to get back into working out though.
Six words that describe you: Outgoing, Honest, Energetic, Understanding, Realist, Earthy
One good quality: I’m always positive. I always see the glass half full.
One bad quality: I tend to be too honest at times.
Are you outgoing or quiet? Outgoing :-)
Do you like hanging out with people or keeping to yourself? Both. Being at WDW I will definitely be spending a lot of my time getting to know people and hanging out but everyone needs a break and some a lone time occasionaly.
What would you want in a roommate? All I ask is that they be open-minded, respectful and honest. We don’t have to force ourselves to be best friends or anything if it doesn’t happen naturally but we will be living together so it should be a comfortable environment. Everyone should make an genuine effort to get to know one another.
What are your biggest pet peeves?: Not cleaning up after yourself! I cannot tolerate a dirty kitchen or bathroom.
Are you messy or organized? It’s a home with multiple people so It’s bound to get messy. Just not dirty. I’m pretty organized with a few things scattered about but I try to be respectful and considerate of others I’m living with.
How do you feel about sharing? I don’t mind at all as long as you ask. If you use the last of something, replace it.
Do you like having people over a lot? Not at all. As long as guest are respectful and not eating up all my food I’m cool with it.
Favorite thing to do: Explore the city, cook, and shop.
Favorite Music: EVERYTHING! I love Indie & Alternative Rock, r&b, hip-hop, neo-soul, a little country,….etc. From Paramore to R.kelly.
Favorite TV Shows: The Office and SCANDAL are my FAVORITE SHOW’s!! I also like Vampire Diaries, reality tv, Mistresses, and The Carrie Diaries.
Favorite Movies: Pocahontas, AVATAR, Sex in the City 1 & 2, Poetic Justice, anything actions(All the Transformers, All the Avenger movies), Despicable Me (Haven’t seen 2 yet). I really do watching everything except for scary movies.
Favorite Food: I’m a pescatarian (the only meat I eat is fish). I love italian food, Japanese food (especially sushi), and I try to eat as much organic food as possible.
Favorite Candy: Not really a candy person but I do love the tropical starburst and Godiva Chocolate.
Favorite Drink: Water, Orange Juice, Iced White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks
Favorite Color: Any shade of blue and earthtones.
Favorite Characters: Penny Proud,Esmerelda & Mulan
Favorite Movies: Gotta Kick it Up, Mulan, College Road Trip,National Treasure 1 & 2 
Favorite Prince: Prince Naveen, Prince Eric, and Alladin. (I couldn’t decide between the 3)
Favorite Princess: Tiana, Pocahontas, and Jasmine
Favorite Villain: Cruella De Vil, Scar, and Captain Hook
Favorite Disney Channel Shows: Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, Smart Guy, Bear in the Big Blue House, The Mighty Ducks ( I was a huge Disney kid)
Favorite Park: I’ve only ever been to Magical Kingdom but I think I’ll really like Animal Kingdom and Epcot. * I wish Disney owned Sea World*
Favorite Ride: Don’t have one yet.
Magic Kingdom: Buzz Light Year Space Ranger Spin ( I was 9 lol)
Epcot: n/a
Animal Kingdom: n/a
Disney’s Hollywood Studios: n/a
Number of times at Walt Disney World/Disneyland: 1



A Flare for Beauty

Had to repost this and thank my best friend MyNijah for sending me these beautiful flowers for my birthday!
Pretty in purple! #Royalty

"For Colored Girls Who Considered Yacky" by Kush Thompson (2012)


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